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Episode 32: Barbara Thomas (Musician Advocate from Berklee College of Music)

Barbara Thomas is recognized as one of the top musician advocates in the business today. Whether it is providing information on health care, organizing fundraisers for Rocco Prestia or managing seminars at Berklee College of Music with residencies with Victor Wooten and George Clinton. Originally aired March 30th, 2015

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Episode 21: Garry Shider, Parliament-Funkadelic Guitarist

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Garry Shider, Parliament-Funkadelic guitarist sat down with Joe Kelley Radio for an in-depth interview. Shider was known for wearing an oversize loincloth onstage with George Clinton. Thus, the handle “Diaperman.” He was also called “Starchild.” But Shider was a serious guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. He co-wrote other classics, including…

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