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NYC Hip-Hop Artist MYSELF Talks About Message Music, Jazz and Funk

Born in New Orleans and now living in New York City, hip-hop artist MYSELF has a unique style of rap, funk and jazz on his Protest In Disguise CD. Also, Myself’s lyrics standout with powerful messages.

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94 East (Prince, Minneapolis Sound) Interview

Pepé Willie’s band – 94 East – will always be remembered as the band that gave the young Prince Rogers Nelson his first studio experience – let’s face it, a good enough reason to be remembered. What’s often overlooked is the skill and talent of Willie’s ensemble and the influence it had on the developing…

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Episode 84: Zapp Member Bigg Robb Talks About The Real Funk

Zapp band member Bigg Robb stopped by Joe Kelley Radio for an engaging interview. Bigg Robb talked about his solo career, touring as a member of Zapp, the legendary food backstage food fight between Prince and The Time, and Jerome Benton’s influence on him. Originally aired in 2002.

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