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Epiosode 87: Jennifer Yax and Courtney C. Patty East Coast Tour Visit

Courtney C. Patty and Jennifer Yax were on an East Coast tour in 2004 and were kind enough to visit the Joe Kelley Radio studios. Listen as Joe Kelley finds out all about these two amazing singer-songwriters. Originally aired in 2004

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Episode 81: John Falzone and John Rosito Multiple Sclerosis Interview

John Falzone and John Rosito are great friends to Joe Kelley Radio. John Falzone has Multiple Sclerosis and has been a tireless advocate and fundraiser to hlep fighting this disease. John Rosito is a childhood friend of John Falzone and has always joined his friend in MS endeavors.

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Episode 78: Soul Singer Drew (Process and the Doo Rags, Rick James)

Singer-songwriter and producer Drew hails from Buffalo New York and was away from the industry for about 8 years. He got his start in the business as choreographer for CBS recording artist ‘Process & the Doo Rags’, a spin off group put together by Rick James. After teaming up with his brother ‘Levi Ruffin’,(band leader…

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Episode 69: Willifest Interview (Michael Helman, Anwar Robinson, Thomas Ian Nicholas)

Co-founder/Director of Willifest Michael Helman, American Idol singer Anwar Robinson and actor/singer Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie) visited Joe Kelley Radio to talk about the 2010 Williamsburg International Film Festival. Willifest is one of New York City’s most important film and music showcases.

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Episode 58: NYC Funk Rocker Milo Z Interview

Carson Daly dubbed him a “New York Institution!” For 3 decades, Milo Z has been bringing his own original style of music , “Razzamofunk” (a blend of Rock, Rap, R&B, Jazz, and Funk) to the Big Apple and the world. Born and raised on New York City’s Lower East Side, Milo got his start in…

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Episode 1: Jeff Daniels Interview

Actor Jeff Daniels visits Joe Kelley Radio for an in-depth interview. Daniels discusses his acting career, music releases, theater in Michigan, beloved Detroit Tigers, Woody Allen and much more.

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