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Episode 86: Jay Double You! Discusses Funk and His Time As Original Band Leader of Parlet

Jay-Double-You!, a.k.a., James Wright, was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He worked for several years in recording studios with the likes of producer Don Davis and artists’ Bernie Worrell; Johnnie Taylor; and George Clinton and his Parliament Funkadelic road show favorites, Parlet and...

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Episode 85: NYC Jazz Guitarist John Richard Talks About Coming Of Age

NYC guitarist John Richard visited Joe Kelley Radio to talk about his CD “Coming Of Age”. He delved heavily into his upbringing of his guitar playing in jazz, funk and rock. Recorded in August 2002

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Episode 84: Zapp Member Bigg Robb Talks About The Real Funk

Zapp band member Bigg Robb stopped by Joe Kelley Radio for an engaging interview. Bigg Robb talked about his solo career, touring as a member of Zapp, the legendary food backstage food fight between Prince and The Time, and Jerome Benton’s influence on him....

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Episode 83: The Red Hour Brooke R. Calder and Jason Hollis

Brooke R. Calder and Jason Hollis of The Red Hour visited the Joe Kelley Radio studios. The Minneapolis femme-forward darkwave duo recently released a seven track maxi-single of “Cracks”. You can go to to hear it.

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Episode 82: French Jazz Pianist Laurent De Wilde

Internationally renowned jazz pianist, Laurent de Wilde has been described as an exciting and passionate musician. Born in the United States in 1960, de Wilde spent his formative years (1964 to 1983) in France where he was immersed in French culture, music and literature...

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Episode 81: John Falzone and John Rosito Multiple Sclerosis Interview

John Falzone and John Rosito are great friends to Joe Kelley Radio. John Falzone has Multiple Sclerosis and has been a tireless advocate and fundraiser to hlep fighting this disease. John Rosito is a childhood friend of John Falzone and has always joined his...

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